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10 of the absolute best songs for striptease (part2) 

A while ago, I presented you with a list of 26 songs that are best for striptease. I decided to refresh that list and propose another 10. I hope these tracks will be just as appealing to you as the previous ones, and if you haven’t seen the previous ones yet, I warmly invite you to check them out! 

The Weeknd must be on this list 🙂 Just listen and imagine how you would dance to it… and do it.  

The Weeknd – I Was Never There feat. Gesaffelstein (Official Audio) – YouTube

I promise this is the last track from this band! But you have to admit – Abel creates great music for striptease. This one is slightly livelier than the one above.  

The Weeknd – Starboy ft. Daft Punk (Official Video) – YouTube

The changes in rhythm in this song add character and sensuality to our dance… Try it.  

Lana Del Rey – West Coast – YouTube 

A classic – Rihanna. Very rhythmic, created specifically for pole dancing!  

Rihanna – Question Existing (Audio) – YouTube

For those who prefer a livelier dance.  

Breathe on Me – YouTube

A song that will surely give you confidence!  

Para-noir – YouTube

Everyone knows this track. Time to dance to it!  

Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, P!nk – Lady Marmalade – YouTube 

The beat and rhythm make a good impression. A suggestion for a faster dance for a self-confident striptease artist.  

Sam Smith, Kim Petras – Unholy (Official Music Video) – YouTube

I don’t think I need to add anything else… From the first seconds, you can feel the atmosphere. It only gets better from there.  

Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself (Official Video) – YouTube

The best for last – one of my favorite striptease dance songs by this artist… 

Doja Cat – Streets (Official Video) – YouTube 

I hope I was able to help and see you on the dance floor 😉 

Kasia <3 

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